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Biologinya P Eko

Kumpulan Animasi keren biologi

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  1. Inquiry into Biology McGraw-Hill Higher Education
  2. Biology 7th editon McGraw Hill
  3. Life the Science of Biology W.H. Freeman
  4. Essential Study Partner for Biology McGraw Hill
  5. Interactive Biochemistry by Rodney F. Boyer
  6. McGraw Hill
  7. zeroBio
  8. Pronunciation Guide ...... Prefixes Roots & Suffixes
  9. Biology Animations BBC
  10. Howard Hughes Medical Institute
  11. Steve Spangler Science
  12. Rediscovering Biolgy Annenberg Media


  1. Scientific Method Wisconsin Online
  2. How do Molecules Interact? .... Quiz Thomson Learning
  3. Life Organization UC Davis
  4. Acids, Alkalis and Neutralization BGfl
  5. Aqueous Equilibrium Animations
  6. Atom Builder from PBS
  7. Animated Bonds by June B. Steinberg
  8. Hydrogen Bonds and Water from Northland Community and Technical College
  9. Structure of Water by John Kyrk
  10. Salt Dissolving in Water from Northland Community and Technical College
  11. Molecular View of Solution formation Essential Chemistry, 2/e by Raymond Chang
  12. Animated pH scale by John Kyrk
  13. Buffering Essential Chemistry, 2/e by Raymond Chang
  14. Radiocarbon Dating Brian M. Fagan Department of Anthropology, UCSB
  15. Chemistry Animations Essential Chemistry, 2/e by Raymond Chang
  16. Chiral Molecules Nobel Prize Chemistry 2001
  17. Rotating The Water Molecule Physics 2000
  18. Chemistry Comes Alive Journal of Chemical Education
  19. Making Solutions Directions Wellesley College
  20. Periodic Chart and Bonding Iowa State University
  21. Four Types of Chemical Reactions Wisconsin Online
  22. Balancing Equations Creative Chemistry
  23. Phases of Water Tom Greenbowe at Iowa State University
  24. Interactive Chemistry Quiz zeroBio
  25. Energy Conversion Harvard Education
  26. Drag and Drop Molecules zeroBio
  27. Measuring Volume Using a Graduated CylinderWisc-Online
  28. Reading a Triple Beam BalanceWisc-Online
  29. Periodic Table Interactive Annenberg Media
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  1. onClick Molecules zeroBio
  2. Isomer - Construction Set Fred Senese at Frostburg State University
  3. The Chemical Basis of Life by Terry Brown
  4. Lipid Dehydration by June B. Steinberg
  5. Dehydration Synthesis and Hydrolysis by RM Chute
  6. Enantiomers Movie from Prenhall
  7. Amino Acid and Peptide Bond Animation by John Kyrk
  8. Life Cycle of a Protein Sumanas Inc.
  9. Heat Changes a Protein Structure Sumanas Inc.
  10. Protein Secretion Sumanas Inc. (25Mb)
  11. DNA Structure
  12. Journey Into DNA from PBS
  13. DNA anatomy (beautiful!!) by John Kyrk
  14. Biomolecules: The CarbohydratesWisconsin Online
  15. Biomolecules: The Lipids Wisconsin Online
  16. Biomolecules: Proteins Wisconsin Online
  17. Proteins and Proteomics Annenberg/CPB
  18. Interactive Biochemistry by Rodney F. Boyer
  19. Functional Groups 1 zeroBio
  20. Functional Groups 2 zeroBio
  21. Molecular Structure of Fat HHMI
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Cellular Structure and Function

  1. Cell Structure in Dutch Gerard Scholte & Ineke Marree
  2. Virtual Scanning Electron Microscope Florida State University
  3. How to Use the Microscope Wisconsin Online
  4. The Evolution of Organelles Sumanas Inc.
  5. Comparison of Prokaryote, Animal and Plant Cells by Rodney F. Boyer
  6. Flash animations of Biological Processes by John L. Giannini
  7. Organize It by Leif Saul
  8. Structure of Cell Membrane Sinauer Associates, Inc., W. H. Freeman Co. and Sumanas Inc.
  9. Stem Cells Sumanas Inc.
  10. Various Cellular Animations University of Alberta
  11. Cell Tutorial from "Cells Alive!"
  12. Simple cell by Terry Brown
  13. Kinesin - Molecular Motor Sinauer Associates Inc., W. H. Freeman Co. and Sumanas Inc.
  14. Cellular Animations by Donald F. Slish
  15. Flagella and Cilia from Northland Community and Technical College
  16. A typical Cell Wisconsin Online
  17. Identifying Eukaryotic Animal Cell Organelles Wisconsin Online
  18. Biologie Cellulaire by Laurent Martorell Académie de Créteil
  19. Lysosomes McGraw-Hill
  20. Cytoskeleton Structure
  21. Interactive Cell Quiz zeroBio
  22. Lipid Bilayer University of Aberdeen
  23. Cellular Visions Harvard University
  24. Intermediate Filaments Sumanas Inc.
  25. Cell Signals Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
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  1. Mitosis with Music University of Wisconsin
  2. Stem Cells GSLC
  3. Stem Cells Explained University of Michigan
  4. Cell Cycle Game (CDK's and cyclins) Nobel Prize 2001
  5. CELL wrapping & DNA replication You Tube
  6. Independent Assortment Sumanas Inc.
  7. Meiosis Sumanas Inc.
  8. Cell Cycle Tutorial from "Cells Alive!"
  9. Cell Death Kuby Immunology
  10. Stem Cell Research Dolan DNA Learning Center
  11. Mitosis and Meiosis - Interactive Exercise by Leif Saul
  12. Mitosis vs Meiosis from PBS
  13. Mitosis/Meiosis Simulation by Jon C. Glase at Cornell
  14. Cell Cycle and Cyclins + Other Cellular Activities BioCreations
  15. DNA Coiling to form Chromosomes
  16. The Cell Cycle Wisconsin Online
  17. How Cells Divide McGraw-Hill
  18. Sexual Reproduction McGraw-Hill
  19. Cell Division - Mitosis and Meiosis Hospital for Sick Children
  20. Mitosis/Meiosis Western Kentucky University
  21. Cancer
  22. Biochemical Pathways of Normal and Cancer Cells HHMI Outreach Program
  23. Breast Cancer HHMI Outreach Program
  24. Cancer Biology and Cell Technology McGraw-Hill
  25. The Biology of Cancer MCB-HHMI
  26. Cell Biology and Cancer Annenberg/CPB.
  27. Cancer and the Cell Cycle National Institutes of Health
  28. Cancer Warrior NOVA Online
  29. ATR's Function in the Cell Cycle of Normal Cells and Cancer MIT Education
  30. Cancer Quest Emory University
  32. p53: The Guardian of the Genome HMMI
  33. Second Cancers National Cancer Institute
  34. Cancer Diagnostics: Informing the Development of Tailored Cancer Therapy National Cancer Institute
  35. Cancer Biology
  36. How Cancer Grows from PBS
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Cellular Transport

  1. Membrane Transport Purdue University
  2. Phospholipid Bilayer by Nancy Hughes at Carnegie Mellon
  3. Interactive Cellular Transport by Rodney F. Boyer
  4. Dynamic Membrane by Nancy Hughes at Carnegie Mellon
  5. Construction of the Cell Membrane Wisconsin Online
  6. Passive Transport: Diffusion Wisconsin Online
  7. Diffusion, Dialysis and Osmosis Tutorial by RM Chute
  8. Membrane Structure Tutorial
  9. Passive Transport: Osmosis Wisconsin Online
  10. Osmosis - Examples Colorada State University
  11. Osmosis by Terry Brown
  12. Osmometer Dr. Joyti Wagle at HCCS
  13. L'osmose by Laurent Martorell Académie de Créteil
  14. Plamolysis Dr. Joyti Wagle at HCCS
  15. Hypotonic, Isotonic, Hypertonic by June B. Steinberg
  16. Passive Transport: Filtration and Facilitated Diffusion
  17. Interactive Cellular Transport by Rodney F. Boyer
  18. Passive and Active Transport from Northland Community and Technical College
  19. Transport Processes Requiring ATP
  20. Le fonctionnement des protéines Gs by Laurent Martorell Académie de Créteil
  21. Les transport membranaires by Laurent Martorell Académie de Créteil
  22. Membranes McGraw-HIll
  23. Endocytosis of an LDL EarthLink
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Cellular Respiration

  1. Whole Process and Enzymes
  2. Overall Reaction Dr. Meyer at CUNY
  3. Virtual Cell's Educational Animations MCBE
  4. Cellular Respiration Thomas M. Terry at Univ. of Conn.
  5. Enzyme Tutorial from Northland Community and Technical College
  6. Enzyme Pathways McGraw-Hill
  7. Enzymologie by Laurent Martorell Académie de Créteil
  8. Enzyme Activity by Jim Wanamaker of Lew-Port
  9. Enzyme Kinetics Wiley
  10. Enzyme Inhibition Wiley
  11. Inquiry into Biology - Metabolism McGraw-Hill
  12. Glycolysis
  13. Gylcolysis by Sue Merkel, Cornell Univ (BEST)
  14. Glycolysis by RM Chute
  15. Glycolysis by John Kyrk
  16. Anaerobic Respiration-Glycolysis and Fermentation by Sue Merkel, Cornell Univ
  17. Glycolysis Animation from Northland Community and Technical College
  18. Acetyl CoA and Krebs (TCA)(Citric Acid) Cycle
  19. TCA (Citric Acid) Cycle by Rodney F. Boyer
  20. Citric Acid Cycle Purdue University
  21. Fatty Acid Respiration Campbell Interactive Chemistry
  22. The Pruvate Dehydrogenase Complex Campbell Interactive Chemistry
  23. Acetyl CoA and Krebs Cycle by June B. Steinberg
  24. Oxidative Phosphorylation
  25. ATP Synthase Gradient: The Movie Virtual Cell
  26. ATP Synthase Movie Thomas M. Terry at Univ. of Conn.
  27. ATP Synthesis(ATPase) Flash Animation Carnegie Mellon
  28. Production of ATP by Oxidative Phosphorylation
  29. Electron Transport by June B. Steinberg
  30. Oxidative Phosphorylation Campbell Interactive Chemistry
  31. Electron Transport McGraw-Hill
  32. Oxidative Phosphorlyation (advanced) Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology
  33. Electron Transport by Rodney F. Boyer
  34. Oxidative Phosphorylation Purdue University
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Photosynthesis & Plants

  1. Light Absorption
  2. Atomic Absorption of Electromagnetic Radiation University of California.
  3. Jablonski Diagram Molecular Expressions
  4. Photosynthesis University of Alberta
  5. Light Reaction
  6. Harvesting Light
  7. Photosynthesis by John Kyrk
  8. Photo systems 1 and 2-Oxygenic Photosynthesis by Sue Merkel, Cornell Univ
  9. Photosynthesis Animation by John L. Giannini
  10. Energy Capturing Photosynthesis animation by June B. Steinberg
  11. Photosynthesis Animation - Light Reaction Central Michigan University
  12. Photosynthesis McGraw-Hill
  13. Light Reaction Smith College
  14. Dark Reaction - Calvin Cycle
  15. Calvin Cycle Animations by June B. Steinberg
  16. Interactive Photosynthesis Biochemistry by Garrett and Grisham
  17. Calvin Cycle Smith College
  18. Calvin Cycle ASM Press and Sinauer Associates Inc.
  19. Calvin Cycle McGraw-Hill
  20. Overall
  21. Metabolic Processes Terry Brown
  22. Photosynthesis Forest Biology Virginia Tech
  23. Photosynthesis University of Aberdeen
  24. Illuminating Photosynthesis By Rick Groleau PBS
  25. An Overview of Photosynthesis The Biology Place
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  1. Genetics Tutorials(java script) RM Chute
  2. Many Animations for Heredity McGraw-Hill
  3. Java Genetics zeroBio
  4. Independent Assortment Sumanas Inc.
  5. Genetics animations California State University, Chico
  6. Mendel's Peas BioLogica
  7. Genetics Games ThinkQuest
  8. A multimedia Guide to Genetic Disorders Your Genes Your Health
  9. Tokyo University Genetics Study Group Tokyo Medical University
  10. Karyotype Activities Genetic Science Learning Center
  11. Animated Karotyping University of Glasgow
  12. Karyotype Analysis Monmouth University
  13. Exploring Our Molecular Selves" Video Genome Project
  14. What is Inheritance? Genetic Science Learning Center
  15. Genetics of Development Annenberg/CPB
  16. Mutation
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DNA,DNA Replication, Sequencing, Mutation

  1. Chromosome 11 Flyover Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
  2. DNA Replication Fork President and Fellows of Harvard University
  3. Le Southern blotting by Laurent Martorell Académie de Créteil
  4. DNA Replication McGraw-Hill
  5. The Meselson-Stahl Experiment Sumanas Inc.
  6. Basics Acadia University Powerpoint animation
  7. DNA Replication (Advanced) Science Media
  8. DNA Replication E-Bio @ Horton
  9. DNA Replication Animation
  10. DNA Replication by John Kyrk
  11. Recombinat DNA Technology University of Delaware
  12. DNA Microarray Method Davidson College
  13. DNA Replication/Gel Electrophoresis by Jim Wanamaker of Lew-Port
  14. Sequence For Yourself from PBS
  15. Gel Electrophoresis Dr. Thomas G. Chasteen at Sam Houston State University
  16. DNA Repair Nature
  17. DNA Coiling To Form Chromosomes
  18. Maize Mutants Koshland Science Museum
  19. Chromosome Description Dexter Pratt
  20. Regulating Genes through DNA Methylation National Cancer Institute
  21. DNA Replication Wiley
  22. DNA Sequencing Wiley
  23. Mutation by Base Substitution McGraw-Hill
  24. Addition and Deletion Mutations McGraw-Hill
  25. Mutation MyDNA
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Transcription and Translation

  1. Translation President and Fellows of Harvard University
  2. Protein Biosynthesis University of Aberdeen
  3. Transcription to Translation E-Bio @ Horton
  4. Virtual Cell's Educational Animations MCBE
  5. Molecular Genetics in Dutch Gerard Scholte & Ineke Marree
  6. DNA Workshop from PBS
  7. Transcribe and Translate a Gene Genetic Science Learning Center
  8. Protein Synthesis McGraw-Hill
  9. Animation of Transcription
  10. mRNA Splicing Sumanas Inc.
  11. PolyRibsomes Sumanas Inc.
  12. Translation Movie University of Colorada
  13. Why do firflies glo? Genetic Science Learning Center
  14. Animation of Translation
  15. Life Cycle of mRNA Sumanas Inc.
  16. Transcription Game(Click here to view this site) Thinkquest
  17. Protein Synthesis by Jim Wanamaker of Lew-Port
  18. Protein Synthesis (advanced) by Nancy Hughes at Carnegie Mellon
  19. Protein Synthesis Wisconsin Online
  20. RNAi
  21. RNAi Animation Nature
  22. RNAi Mechanism Animation Nature
  23. RNAinterference with Gene Expression Promega
  24. RNAi Explained Nova
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DNA Genetics

  1. How Tiny Machines Switch On Genes/Silence Of The Genes Rockefeller Education
  2. Electrophoresis Thinkwell
  3. The Biotechniques Virtual Laboratory University of Utah
  4. PCR Animation Dolan DNA Learning Center
  5. PCR Mutagenesis Science Media
  6. Southern Blot Animation Dolan DNA Learning Center
  7. Jumping Genes (AC/DS Transposition) Dolan DNA Learning Center
  8. Plasmid Cloning Sumanas Inc.
  9. Polymerase Chain Reaction, Recombinant DNA, Cloning
  10. Construction of a DNA Library Sumanas Inc.
  11. The Human Genome Project animations
  12. Gene Almanac Dolan DNA Learning Center
  13. Plasmids, Restriction Digestion, DNA gels UCSC Core Lab - Robert Kuhn, PhD
  14. Paternity Testing Sumanas Inc.
  15. DNA Discovery Modules University of Massachusetts
  16. Chromosome 11 -Sickle Cell Gene Channel 4
  17. Inherited Disease Koshland Science Museum
  18. Gene Technology McGraw-Hill
  19. Control of Gene Expression McGraw-Hill
  20. Genomics Annenberg/CPB
  21. Genetically Modified Organisms Annenberg/CPB
  22. Gene Gun
  23. Genetic Engineering of Insulin ABPI Resources for Schools
  24. Scientist for Better PCR BIO RAD
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  1. On Becoming Human Institute of Human Origins
  2. Evolution Lab by Leif Saul
  3. Movies from "evolution" a PBS Program
  4. Human Evolution Annenberg/CPB
  5. Timeline of Discovery The Leakey Foundation
  6. Prehistoric Life BBC
  7. The Origin of Modern Humans HHMI
  8. The Genographic Project National Geographic
  9. Genetic Drift McGraw-Hill
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  1. Retrovirus Life CycleW. H. Freeman and Co. and Sumanas, Inc.
  2. T4 Phage Animation Purdue University and Seyet LLC
  3. HIV Lifecycle Flash Animation by GalaxyGoo
  4. Can you get AIDS from a mosquito bite? GalaxyGoo
  5. Herpes Virus Replication animation by Karin Christensen
  6. LabWork University of Leicester
  7. Herpes Infection Expert Reviews in Molecular Medicine
  8. Virology Flash Animations University of South Carolina School of Medicine
  9. Viruses McGraw-Hill
  10. See HIV in Action by PBS from PBS
  11. HIV life cycle and Drug Interaction by Roche
  12. Animation of HIV life cycle RNCEUS
  13. HIV Drug Resistance BioCreations
  14. HIV and AIDS Annenberg/CPB